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No crowded, shepherded trip buses right here – in fact, you may be the only real visitors at a few of the websites. Book through Contunor, an area business ( Add the Nazca lines or Lake Titicaca or blow it-all staying at the Sanctuary resort at Machu Picchu, the selection is yours.
Mike Hindmarch, Northants

More advice from visitors


We booked our travel through JLA (020 3582 5510;, including a-day trek from the Inca Trail. We advice acclimatising in Cuzco initially and hiring walking sticks and waterproofs the trek. In addition lowering baggage, because needs to be held. Getting the first early morning train with your Inca guide, we disembarked halfway through journey. The trek ended up being physically tiring however it permitted united states to enter Machu Picchu through Inca "Sun Gate".

That evening we stayed at the Sanctuary Lodge ( Situated opposite the park entry, this truly is a sanctuary – calm, surrounded by majestic peaks and amazingly luxurious. Our 2nd evening was at the valley at Inkaterra resort (, well-known for its orchid garden. An unforgettable travel.
Elspeth Lea-Wilson, Dollars

Far from all of it

Should you want to experience an alternate part of Peru, head north to Chachapoyas into the heart of the Andean foothills.

It is away from the main visitor route and in the middle of cloud forest, and you have use of two of Peru's greatest marvels. Just discovered in 2005, the entire world's third highest "freefalling" waterfall, Gocta Falls (2, 530 ft, 771m), is dazzling – with only about 20 site visitors a day, its certainly the most underrated natural wonders anywhere in the world.

Kuelap, a huge, well-preserved, ancient fortress, features an amazing clifftop setting – worth an entire day's exploration while admiring the views and basking into the Andean sunshine.

Eat at Cicciolina (Calle Triunfo 393-2do Piso; 10; for an inexpensive style of luxury in Cuzco which serves interesting, well-executed food in a friendly environment when you look at the heart of city. Attempt sitting when you look at the club location where you have access to the restaurant, tapas and bar menus without a cover charge, and where you are able to totally benefit from the environment.

Highlights feature neighborhood specialities, great wine and a rump of lamb supported with a tasty smoked fava mash.

Additionally advised is its sis restaurant Baco (Cable Ruinas 465), a touch more enjoyable and austere – convenience meals, not even close to house.
Tom Arnold, Oxfordshire

No candies

If you're checking out Peru's poorer areas just take rubber-tipped pencils, crayons and pencil-sharpeners for the schools, bubbles, balloons and bouncy balls for the children, but not really candies – so many children's teeth are actually rotten. If travelling, in addition get the no-cost toiletries for sale in accommodations with their mothers.
Anne Bickmore, East Sussex

Coca leaves

Reduce the symptoms of altitude sickness, or keep them from increasing, with coca or partner (pronounced mattay) tea. Created from natural coca leaves, it is intoxicated because of the residents and it is freely for sale in resorts, in constantly replenished urns, plus supermarkets in teabags.

My family and I all experienced different examples of exhaustion, nausea, problems and difficulty breathing until we made a practice of drinking coca beverage daily (only five cups everyday because it's a stimulant). Not merely achieved it help but it's energizing and delicious too.
Lisa Humphrys, Kent

Puno base

Lake Titicaca is essential during Peru – most likely, based on the Incas it really is where globe was created. We remained in Puno while going to, a town saturated in cultural websites and in a great place to check out Machu Picchu.
Sally Hay, Hull

Go bananas

To avoid tiredness, headaches and dizziness try not to rush about at altitude, but walk at a sensibly slow pace.

In addition, consume many bananas, to change the potassium that's leached from body at high-altitude. All this struggled to obtain my husband and me during our stay in Peru and now we had more wonderful time.
Judith Cochrane, target withheld

The Shaman's arts

For an unforgettable cultural experience, a trip on coastal places surrounding Trujillo lets you dip your toe in to the mythical arts of Shamanism.

Administered because of the Curandero, these healing ceremonies tend to be not too difficult discover and prove a breathtaking and genuine experience you'll not discover on any led tour, but simply don't forget to go simple with all the dancing if within first few times once the altitude takes somewhat used to.

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Adventure Travel in Peru
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