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As it is possible to inform from image to the left, Huanchaco, Peru is a popular browsing place.

This Pacific coastline town normally a popular place for Peruvians and International people on holiday looking for sometime in the sun and sand (while provided cool drinks and snacks from friendly neighborhood coastline suppliers).

Most are on more than a secondary – visiting the town to fulfill with realtors and search for their particular vacation house.

Located on Peru’s Pacific shore roughly 300 kilometers (483 km) north regarding the capital town Lima, you can easily either coach to your town (8.5 hrs) or fly into Trujuillo Airport (TRU) – only one hour from Lima. Trujuillo Travel Information

There is absolutely no much better depiction of this laid-back, conventional Peruvian tradition present in Huanchaco compared to reed ships (“Caballitos de Totora” in Spanish) coating the seawall and used each day by neighborhood anglers. Reed boats are slim canoe-shaped frameworks that boaters ride on top of as opposed to sitting inside while paddling.

Another attraction is the tiny negocio (marketplace in English) whose dimensions are maybe not representative of this cultural knowledge you get pushing your path through ‘too narrow for comfort’ shop-lined passageways abuzz with chatter and bartering. Think you may be being requested a bit much for that chunk of cheese or half-chicken? Flash an agreeable laugh and request a your costs become several bottoms less… chances are you’ve made a deal!

If completing your market journey during the early night, stroll about 6 blocks or so south and more than four towards seaside to take a walk from the wildside… i am talking about on “El Muelle” (the pier in English) and enjoy dazzling views for the sun establishing beingshown to people there.

The pier is a landmark of Huanchaco and a Baroque-style chapel perched on a cliff overlooking the pier and bay.

Numerous come to this location to view the Chan Chan archeological website - old ruins (crafted from mud) of Chimor, a UNESCO World history website. Chan-chan is a brief 15 small coach trip from Huanchaco, situated simply 5 kilometer ( kilometers) toward southeast.

Another nearby attraction is the open-air modern-day retail center positioned only fifteen minutes from downtown Huanchaco. This is how to choose International-cuisine restaurants, stores and enjoy a film in the multi-plex movie theater.

Finding a rental won’t be extremely difficult in Huanchaco, and much more straightforward to obtain when planning your arrival outside the high-season summertime (December through March).

Low-cost hostals that may be short term ‘hospedajes’ (accommodation in English) are wide ranging. Grab yourself situated for a week or two, discuss with for offered flats or homes and you ought to have ideal accomodation very quickly.

Basic, minimally furnished apartments are obtainable for $200 – $300 USD each month – perfect for those on a $800 USD per month budget. Fundamental dishes could be had for $2 USD – search for the ‘menú del dia’ (meal of this time). You will need to splurge a little more for fish and shellfish, but a big full bowl of deep-fried calimari for about $5 USD is cause to whine? I do believe maybe not Enjoy your stay!


  • The city of Trujillo – along with its ammenities including an airport – is 20 moments away
  • Lovely waterfront promenade for long walks or works
  • A steady-stream of tourists (less during cold weather) from all over the whole world to satisfy and connect to (conversing English!)


  • Really small city (alongside nil city center) with mainly standard restaurants (yet wonderful seafood) and shopping.
  • From June to September there are many cloudy days with little to no sunlight (and couple of tourists)
Source: www.southamericaliving.com
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