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Peru Machu Picchu tickets

Machu Picchu

Do you want to buy Machu Picchu tickets? I did too.

Hundreds of individuals (perhaps thousands chances are) have successfully scheduled their Machu Picchu seats following these guidelines. We created these instructions once I virtually torn down my tresses trying to reserve my seats!

The Machu Picchu internet site is very aggravating. I simply finished reserving my passes yesterday. For something therefore popular, they do a really great job at making it very difficult order your passes. Booking seats ahead of time is a great idea to make sure you are not let down once you arrive. They offer 2, 500 Machu Picchu tickets daily and entry to Huayna Picchu is restricted to only 400 passes.

ENHANCE: Review my complete 16-day Trip are accountable to Peru / Machu Picchu right here (which by-the-way ended up being virtually free)

The hotel we booked, has actually an organization called handle trip bookings and so they quoted myself $78 USD for Machupicchu and Huayna Picchu. You are able to book exactly the same passes yourself for S/.152 = ~ $55 USD. That’s a markup of USD or ~ 42per cent. If you stick to the tips below it is possible to reserve it within a couple of minutes and conserve the amount of money for another thing.


  • Go to the official federal government web site: . This will be much cheaper than a travel representative.
  • The English variation does not work. Choose the Spanish variation (it is most likely currently selected) by clicking the Spanish banner in the top right place
  • Select Machu Picchu on top left and select the kind of violation you prefer. I elected Machupicchu + Huaynapicchu 1G 7:00-8:00 am (the first band of the morning is the better time for you to overcome the crowds of people).
  • Select the date you want. In the middle of the page “Extranjeros Adultos” (Foreign Adults), select the quantity by clicking the # under “Cantidad” (Quantity) for a price of 152.00. The discounted price of 91.00 below is for Peruvian’s and students.
  • Choose the few passes you desire after that click “Paso 2” (Step 2) in the bottom. The number of seats readily available is 190 (look at black colored package on the top left).


  • Enter very first name (“Nombres”) and last title (“Apellidos”), Male/Female, nation (for American, enter ‘Estados Unidos’), Age, types of Document, Document number.
  • Click “Paso 3” (step three) at the end.

machu picchu passes display screen 2STEP 3: GENERATE A RESERVATION QUANTITY

  • Enter your target within the “Direccion” area.
  • Click the check package close to “Acepto las condiciones” (Accept the problems).
  • Copy the booking number that appears.


We examined with Chase as well as state you no longer require to self enroll in Verified by Visa. For risky deals, the brand new Verified by Visa procedure will prompt that enter CVV2, expiration day and final 4 digits of your Major clients Social Security quantity (SSN). Go into the information required and send. Verified by Visa is present for most Visa cards from participating issuers. When you have problems about Verified by Visa, please go to or phone 800-654-9214.

  • Simply click “Pagos” at the top menu club.
  • Enter your booking quantity into the field and click “Pagar” to pay for.
  • Review the full total cost. S/.152.00 and an additional admin fee of S/. 6.13 (slightly over $2 USD).
  • Simply Click ENVIAR.
  • Enter your charge card information (you will find English subtitles on this display screen)
  • Simply Click “Pagar/Pay”. Only a VISA will be able to work (I tried a Mastercard first, which didnt work.machu picchu passes display screen 4 It worked whenever I utilized my Priority Club Chase Visa). **It has-been reported that Wells Fargo cards don’t work.
  • I obtained a pop-up message that I need to call Visa for additional protection, nevertheless when We labeled as all of them, they said they didnt even see any tries to charge my card. I just clicked continue then the charge had and they straight away saw the charge while I was on the phone.


You could get rejected here. To correct this you can e-mail their telephone call center at callcenter@drc-cusco.gob.pe. They're going to likely tell you to contact one or more associated with the after people:

Whenever you email them they're going to ask for your title and booking code and maybe first/last 4 digits for the rejected credit card (NEVER SEND YOUR COMPLETE CREDIT CARD through E-MAIL TO ANYONE, the NOT SAFE). When they have your demand, they may be able change some thing to their end to allow the scheduling to go through.

You might get denied right here AGAIN! – now its most likely your charge card issuer. Phone your bank card issuer to see if they're blocking it. Check it out once again while you keep these things from the phone.


  • You are nearly done! Return to the primary screen and click “check in”.
  • Enter your booking number when you look at the field “Codiga de Reserva” and click the “Buscar” (Search) key.
  • A PDF of tickets will pop up.
  • Save it (just in case, you’ve worked so very hard to have this far) and print 2 copies (in the event!).


Particular Ticket Foreign People Locals Everyday Limit
Machu Picchu s/128 (~$40) s/64 2, 500
Machu Picchu + Museum s/150 (~$47) s/86
Machu Picchu + Huaynapicchu s/152 (~$47) s/90 400
machu picchu seats screen 4 machu picchu passes screen 5 machu picchu tickets screen 6 machu picchu tickets display screen 7
Source: therewardboss.com
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Tours a Machu Picchu - Machu Picchu full day
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