Of events in Lima, Peru

Events in Lima Peru

Anniversary of LimaThe "Fiesta de los angeles Vendimia includes a whole program of celebrations. A pleasant pageant through Surcos roads occurs, a trade fair is held and also the traditional trip to the vine cellars is vital.

April, National Horse Tournament associated with the "Peruvian Caballo de Paso"

One of the most crucial competition of Peruvian horse breeders takes place annually in April near the archaeological excavation web site of Pachacámac in Mamacona. Besides viewing a number of competitions regarding the famous Peruvian horses, it is possible to experience a big feast with folklore shows and typical Peruvian meals.

29th of Summer, Saint Peter and Saint Paul

Saint Peter happens to be selected whilst the anglers's patron. He is worshiped on ports and bays of Chorillos and Lurin in south of Lima at Saint Peter and Saint Paul day.

27th to 29th of July, Anniversary of Peru - Fiestas de Patrias

Focused on the memory for the announcement of independency regarding the 28th of July 1821 by the liberator Jose de San Martin. Every where in Peru you will discover big festivities and celebrations at anniversary of Peru.

In Lima the institution Parades and the huge armed forces Parade from the 29th of July at Plaza Mayor tend to be outstanding. Do not miss the sport occasions, theatricals, folklore programs, music concerts and all sorts of the other little occasions.

Pisco Sour Day30th of August, Saint Rose of Lima - Santa Rosa de Lima

Every year from the 30th of August a huge procession to honour Santa Rosa de Lima, the patron saint of Lima, happens in Lima. The procession causes Santa Rosa's home town Santa Rosa de Quives near Lima. Many thousands of believers, which worship Santa Rosa de Lima, the chapel and convent she founded, be involved in the celebrations.

2nd week of September, Gastronimic Fair - "Mistura"

Annually restaurants, farmers and manufacturers from various areas of the united states meet up available a sample of Peruvian cuisine. The function is hosted by preferred Peruvian cooks and a-listers that present for the event. A big procession to honour Santa Rosa de Lima, the patron saint of Lima, takes place in Lima. The procession contributes to Santa Rosa's hometown Santa Rosa de Quives near Lima. Thousands of believers, who worship Santa Rosa de Lima, the church and convent she founded, be involved in the festivities.

October - November, Lord of Miracles - Señor de los Milagros

The largest procession in Latin The united states happens every year at the conclusion of October or beginning of November in Lima. Ten numerous of believers gather to honour Señor de los Milagros (The Lord of wonders). The belief inside Lord of Miracles goes to colonial times, whenever an African servant drew a picture of a black Christ on a wall. Despite all attempts to remove it and despite some hefty earthquakes destroying all houses in the region, the image stayed unblemished. Thus the trust in Señor de los Milagros while the adoration for him grew steadily.

Procession worshipping god of Miracles in Miraflores

Procession worshipping god of Miracles when you look at the 1950s in Lima

The Peruvian warship Huascar that has been sunk because of the Chilean Navy in the War regarding the Pacific.

Carnival in Lima

Bullfight occasion Feria Taurino del Señor de los Milagros

A single day associated with the Creole tune is on Halloween

Faithful believers, primarily dressed up in purple tunics, come together to transport the almost two tons litter, which bears the artwork of the Lord of Miracles, to their arms through the standard twenty-four hour procession from the Church "Las Nazarenas" into Church "La Merced", performing hymns and praying.

8th of October, Battle of Angamos - Comabte de Angamos

Specialized in the memory of lost Battle of Angamos in the 8th of October 1879 where Peruvian ironclad Huáscar was captured because of the Chilean Navy plus the really know captain, Admiral Miguel Grau, was killed. After this important battle of the War of the Pacific the Peruvians weren't able to bear up against the Chilean Forces any longer. The seas had been cleared therefore the Chilean Troops could occupy Peru and Bolivia.

October - November, Bullfight Event - Feria Taurino del Señor de los Milagros

The Feria Taurino del Señor de los Milagros is an anual bullfight event happening every Sunday in Lima's Plaza de Acho when you look at the month of October until November. More popular nationwide and international toreros meet to battle for "Escapulario de Orodel Señor de los Milagros". Undoubtedly perhaps not for everybody, but the Feria Taurino in Lima is definitely the primary bullfight event in Lima where in actuality the best matadors reveal their particular abilities.

31st of October, Day of the Creole Song - Dia de la Cancion Criolla

While on the 31st of October many think of Halloween, in Peru is Dia de la Cancion Criolla. Even though the Halloween fever is infecting more and more Peruvians and you find parties all over town, there are still lots of public shows and events in restaurants, peñas and bars where the best Creole vocal artists and groups perform the traditional music style from the Peruvian coast.

third of November, Feast of San Martin de Porres - Festividad de San Martin de Porres

On his day of death regarding the 3rd of November the patron saint of people of mixed competition, as well as innkeepers, barbers, public wellness workers plus, San Martin de Porres, is commemorated with a spiritual feats, pilgrimages and processions.

Wine Harvest in Surco Peruvian Paso Horses Fiestas Patrias - Peru's National Day Military Parade - Fiestas Patrias
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Paragliding in Lima, Peru
Paragliding in Lima, Peru
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Daytrips in Lima Peru
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BigBang - Encore in Lima Peru 胜利自拍版
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