Best Restaurants in Lima Peru

Lomo-Saltado“When in Lima, remain in Miraflores, ” we had been informed. Therefore we performed.

So when in Miraflores, stay-in and around Kennedy Park. It’s main and convenient, lots of choices when it comes to shops, restaurants and supermarkets. Essentially, the best area for tourists. Having invested a leisure 5-days total in Miraflores, here are our top 5 preferred consumes:

Sabor a Sabor

Restaurants like Sabor a Sabor tend to be regional joints supplying great worth lunch specials that usually feature one salad or side and another entrée. We regular these kind of restaurants in which menus are presented prominently from the wall and there’s absolutely nothing complicated about this. At 10-15 Peruvian bottoms (-5 USD) a meal, it is only good consumes at the best prices.


Sabor a Sabor does a lomo saltado right. The meat is not chewy, tomatoes tend to be fresh, very few onions and deliciously crisp potato wedges. Another favorite is causa. Texture-wise it's not that great, potato-y and mushy, but a refreshing beginner none the less. Another great starter if you find a restaurant that acts it's ceviche.

Gerard in addition got to try the popular pee-yellow Inca Kola. The Peruvians love it so we needed to see what the hassle ended up being exactly about. I did son’t like as it’s extra sweet.


Inka ColaHaving spent over 30 days on a rigid Peruvian/Bolivian diet, Tarboush was an air of fresh air – an essential change in food for both of united states. But even if that wasn’t the case, it is only damn good food, duration. Juicy tandoori chicken on a bed of hummus supported with a side of fresh greens and hot pita bread is really addicting and good, it was practically our supper of preference 3-days consecutively.

Los Angeles Lucha Sanguecheria

After all, who doesn’t love juicy, fatty and savory chicharron sandwiches?! La Lucha’s is the best and they’ve got the lines to prove it. It’s a must have meal when in Miraflores. You probably can’t make a mistake right here since these guys know their meat and additionally they take action well. Don’t your investment papa fritas privately.


Churros stand down the street from Metro grocery store

We’ve observed it everywhere, churros con dulce so on our final day in Peru, we ventured next door from the grocery store to sample some caramel stuffed churros at under 50 dollars a pop music. Remember to keep these things fresh out from the oven whenever they’re warm and crunchy!

Cebicheria Los Angeles Mar

One of our very first meals in Peru were our most high-priced, but we understood all of this along. You’d call this severe especially because you will get ceviche for far less simply outside but we just had to try it – the ceviche sampler (Degustación de ceviche) at Los Angeles Mar.

And I love every bite from it right down to the plantain potato chips! Each one of these had a unique flavor but same fundamental bad ceviche note.. all except the one regarding far remaining (nikei) which was completed with an Asian angle. Used to don’t take care of that certain up to the remainder, the best had been the milky one with little fish (leches de tigre).

I’d state, in the event that you’ve got the spending plan to own one splurge meal, Los Angeles Mar could be it.. or even the dining experience alone.

La Sanguecheria DSC_0325 Churros Cebicheria Los Angeles Mar
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