The main religion in Peru

Main Religion in Peru

Peru Religion is varied and multiple. Christianity in Peru religion is a history of Spanish conquest and this cause Peru is chiefly a Catholic country. Roman Catholicism may be the formal religion of Peru.
Once the Spanish found Peru during very early 1530s the Catholic religion has also been brought by them. Numerous Protestant churches and cathedrals are located in Peru.

Based on the estimation of the season 2003 Peruvian Religion made up of the annotated following:

  • 81 percent Roman Catholicism
  • 1per cent Seventh-Day Adventist
  • 1% other Christian
  • 16 % unspecified
The current religion in Peru is Roman Catholicism. Into the tradition and community of Peru, Roman Catholicism plays a crucial role.

Among Peru's population approximately 80per cent individuals are Roman Catholic. Aside from Roman Catholicism others religions within Peru are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhism, an such like.

Peru features a population of around 27.2 million. A few of the significant religious communities of Peru tend to be-

  • The Roman Catholic
  • Several Protestant appellations
  • Seventh-day Adventist
  • Jehovah's Witnesses
  • Hare Krishna
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints
  • Judaism
  • Baha'i Faith
  • Islam
In line with the estimation of the year 2006 comprised of-
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